MageRewards 1.12.1 is now available!

Release Date: March 23, 2018

In v1.12.1 of MageRewards, consist of new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Don't Forget!
Always put your store into Maintenance Mode before upgrading!

A detailed list of changes  follows :

New Features & Improvements

  • [ST-3727] - Support for Manual Integration of Earning Points Prediction in Catalog listing and Product page
  • [ST-3746] - Support for Manual Integration of RewardsPointsOnly Points Price String Configured via Javascript Event
  • [ST-3694] - Remove -> Display Settings -> "No Points Caption" setting
  • [ST-3718] - Improve Report display messages
  • [ST-3745] - Compatibility with SUPEE-10570 - wikiHint display HTML code instead of the image

Bug & Usability Fixes

  • [ST-3646] - If TBT_RewardsReferral is set to Inactive frontend cannot access and error thrown
  • [ST-3692] - Update points balance before sending a Birthday email
  • [ST-3692] - Error in exception log "'Warning: Division by zero" - If product prices are $0 in the cart
  • [ST-3698] - New Points Only Rules cannot be exported/nor deleted by any of the Exporting tools
  • [ST-3711] - Product Options Prices are not in points for grouped and bundled at Admin Order creation
  • [ST-3716] - Bundle points prices don't take into account the special price.
  • [ST-3717] - Bundle Product price at product page is not in points using Enterprise Theme
  • [ST-3719] - Points Only: Grouped Product price display "No Points" on product listing page
  • [ST-3720] - Fix PointsOnly and Predictions integration in Enterprise theme
  • [ST-3721] - Safely disable PointsOnly and Predictions in all Magento versions below 1.7.0
  • [ST-3722] - Fix PointsOnly fixed points rule behavior for Bundle Product Dynamic Price
  • [ST-3723] - Configurable Product points prices don't take into account the special price for Options with Additional Prices.
  • [ST-3724] - PointsOnly compatibility issue in old Magento Versions for frontend integrations
  • [ST-3734] - Configurable product added to cart second time do not include Points Only points for Base price

Updating MageRewards

  • To update to the latest version, you can download this release from our site
  • If you're not familiar with updating MageRewards, you will want to follow this Update Guide.
  • If you're updating to MageRewards 1.12.0 for the first time, be sure to read our articles for the new Points Only  feature, Points Predictions, Reports for you to acknowledge the database changes. MageRewards Catalog Rules are dropped starting with v1.12.0, but existing database columns are kept in the system to preserve history (in case of new install columns related to MageRewards Catalog Rules will not be created starting with v1.12.0).
  • If you're updating to MageRewards 1.9 or higher for the first time, be sure to read our article about Points Transfers in MageRewards v1.9.
  • If you're updating to MageRewards 1.7 or higher for the first time, you will need to connect your store to your MageRewards account. MageRewards will not function on your site without a connection to your MageRewards account.
Be sure to read the entire documentation for MageRewards v1.12.0 and all the referenced pages for the new features. By installing MageRewards v1.12.0 you are aware and agree with the database changes and how the new features are designed!

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