Earning Points Prediction in MageRewards v1.12.0

Starting with MageRewards v1.12.0 a new functionality was built to display Earning Points Prediction in catalog product listing and product info pages based on the MageRewards Shopping Cart Earning rule.

The calculation for Points Prediction is based on MageRewards Shopping Cart Earning rules points-amount definitions in relation with the Product Price which is displayed inside catalog (Minimal Product Price for bundle products). 

Points Prediction is displayed only for MageRewards Shopping Cart Earning rules that don't  have any rule conditions defined. In general, Shopping Cart Rule conditions are applying specific to cart items properties, therefore, a catalog product cannot be filtered out accurately by such conditions and as result the prediction feature is by default disabled for MageRewards Shopping Cart Earning rules with conditions defined.

By default the Points Prediction is disabled and you can enable it at Rewards -> Configuration -> Other Configuration -> Display Settings -> Show Earning Prediction inside Catalog.

See Points Prediction in action by viewing the video below.

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