Points Only Rule in MageRewards v1.12.0

Starting from MageRewards v1.12.0 Points Only is now available as a standalone feature and is not part of MageRewards Catalog rules anymore.

You can set up Points Only rules at Rewards -> Reward Rules -> Spending Rules -> Points Only Rules

By default the Points Only setting is enabled at Rewards -> Configuration -> Other Configuration -> General Settings -> Points Only Enabled. This setting should be enabled to apply the Points Only rule to the product.

Supported Product Types

  • Simple 
  • Downloadable
  • Virtual
  • Configurable
  • Bundle
    • Bundle product with special price not yet supported
  • Grouped
    • Price to Points equivalent not yet supported in catalog listing page

How are now the points prices calculated by the new Points Only feature?

Points Only feature is designed to calculate product points prices based on product original monetary prices including tax. Magento has many options for tax calculations along with several display options (including or excluding tax), but at the end a tax amount is always calculated, therefore, the points price in cart is always calculated and displayed based on product original monetary price including tax . Inside catalog area the points price is calculated and displayed based on Magento default configuration for Price Display for Products (including or excluding), just because tax information is available only in areas like Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

How did the database structure change?

Along with MageRewards v1.12.0 new Points Only feature is now built as a standalone functionality and it doesn't rely anymore on MageRewards Catalog Rules (which are dropped along with this version). A new table for Points Only rules is created having the following structure:

Rules from previous MageRewards Catalog Points Only rules are automatically migrated into the new Points Only feature. Matching the previous rule definitions to the new rule structure is automatically achieved, however, we strongly advice you to check that the new rule definitions are matched correctly and that everything is configured based on your requirements.

See Points Only in action by viewing the video below. The product types above are shown in the video respectively.

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