Purchasing Frequency Information

Starting from MageRewards version 1.12.0 the purchasing frequency grid is available to help you better understand how much and how often your customers are spending/shopping on your store.

The grid can be accessed from the Admin Panel by visiting the MageRewards Dashboard area (Rewards → Dashboard). Below every "Revenue" and "Order" chart (namely the "Revenue from Loyalty Members", the "Revenue from Referred Customers" and the "Repeat Purchasers Count" metrics) a link "View purchasing frequencies" will redirect to the grid.

The "Frequency of Purchase" grid contains the following data for every customer

Customer ID number
First Name string
Last Name string
Email string
Period date interval
--- only (complete) orders placed in this
interval will be included in the metrics
--- by default it is set to 30 days
Number of Orders number
--- the number of orders placed by
the customer in the above interval
Average of Orders currency
--- The average order value of the 
orders placed in the above interval
--- The "Base Grand Total" is used 
in the calculations
Order Types additional filters (will include only certain transactions):
--- All Orders (default)
--- Orders with Earnings (only approved transfers are counted)
--- Orders with Spendings (only approved transfers are counted)
--- Orders from Loyalty Customers
--- Orders from Referred customers

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