MageRewards 1.8.4.x is now available!


Release Date: September 29, 2014


This new release includes features, fixes and improvements, most notable being:

  • highly requested feature: Import Referrals
  • new feature: Import/Export MageRewards settings
  • fixed import/export functionality for MageRewards campaigns

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-752] - Coupon Code discount still computed from original price even Item discount is made from ST catalog spending rule.
  • [ST-946] - Product Row Total = $0 and total due totally wrong in admin panel using Paypal Standard
  • [ST-1251] - Shopping Cart slider disabled after Magento coupon code is entered.
  • [ST-1502] - MageRewards Import Campaign not working correctly
  • [ST-2311] - MageRewards campaign migration (import/export) issue
  • [ST-2515] - Charged with Tax on Invoice even Grand Total is $0.00
  • [ST-2528] - Tax remains unpaid when invoice is created on bundle and configurable products and using Paypal as payment method
  • [ST-2591] - Order -> Item Ordered -> Tax Amount Column display $0.00 even tax applied, if Paypal is use as payment method.
  • [ST-2623] - Rewarding for sharing purchased items on social networks (FB and Twitter) broken when using secure url
  • [ST-2653] - Adjust Points modal design issue viewing in Firefox.

Feature Request

  • [ST-2669] - Referral Imports Feature
  • [ST-2679] - MageRewards settings import/export/reset feature


Release Date: December 2, 2014


This minor release includes some minor bug fixes and one integration feature:

  • addressed some bugs related to points-only products
  • addressed some special case scenarios for constructing product URLs for social sharing
  • built support for Sage Pay Suite PRO v3.0.18.1

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version

Bug Fixes

  • [ST-2703] - Missing dot in product URLs for sharing through Facebook and Twitter on Magento Enterprise
  • [ST-2700] - Support for category paths in product URLs for Facebook and Twitter sharing
  • [ST-2699] - Customer should not have any option to pay products in Dollar amount if rule used is Points-Only mode
  • [ST-2690] - When Points Only Mode is activated, Price of the Product when added to Cart is displayed instead of Points

Extension Conflict Resolutions 

  • [ST-2689] - "Sage Pay Suite PRO v3.0.18.1: Sage Pay Suite [Backend - SERVER MOTO Integration]"


  • [ST-2712] - Changed security settings on licensing module 

Updating MageRewards

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