MageRewards 1.8.11.x is now available!


Release Date: October 17, 2016


We have a number of significant improvements in this release including a global Unsubscribe feature for all customer-facing MageRewards emails. 
In v1.8.11.0, we've also addressed a memory leak that appeared in v1.8.9.0 on some stores. 

Here's exactly what's changed in this version:

Usability Improvements

  • [ST-3303] - Single click unsubscribe from all ST related  mails
  • [ST-3311] - Improve usability of disallowing  points-expiry  emails
  • [ST-3310] - Allow disabling of Birthday emails

Bugs Fixes

  • [ST-3336] - Admin Currency Switch will print wrong labels, points values, or wrong currency symbol
  • [ST-3308] - Import Campaign: Milestone rule defined value lost after import
  • [ST-3320] - Account cannot be used after currency is changed
  • [ST-3302] - Value of  credit  card charge is 0 when  use  with Multiple  currency  (display issue at order review)
  • [ST-3294] - New API Resources not listed in Admin ACL Attributes


Release Date: November 3, 2016


This minor release contains a number of maintenance fixes and code-cleanups designated for Magento Marketplace.

Changes in this release include:

Maintenance & Refactoring

  • [ST-3351] - Magento Marketplace Compliance
  • [ST-3350] - Remove closing PHP tags from all files

Third Party Module Compatibility

  • [ST-3329] - Error on PayPal Express if currency was change (rounding problems on PayPal)

Bugs Fixes

  • [ST-3346] - Multiple Currency: Calculation is wrong when Catalog Spending rule is used on Frontend and Admin
  • [ST-3361] - Product Link not populated using Social Rewards `doAction` JS API
  • [ST-3342] - Points Expiry emails sometimes not sending and customer name variable not showing on points summary email

Updating MageRewards

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