MageRewards 1.9.3 is now available!

Release Date: May 23, 2017

In v1.9.3 of MageRewards, we're making a number of new features and improvements available specifically displaying Discount Full Summary (see image below). There are also a number of bug fixes done in this version.

Don't Forget!
Always put your store into Maintenance Mode before upgrading!

A detailed list of changes follow:

New Features & Improvements

  • [ST-3581] - Display separated discount values inside Cart for Rewards Shopping Cart Rules
  • [ST-3582] - Display separated discount values inside Admin Invoice creation for Rewards Shopping Cart Rules
  • [ST-3583] - Display separated discount values inside Admin Credit memo creation for Rewards Shopping Cart Rules
  • [ST-693]   - Add reference id to transfer management grid
  • [ST-2513] - Show A Customer's Referral Code & URL Inside Admin
  • [ST-3544] - Add point expiry details in the Admin for customer accounts inside points and rewards tab
  • [ST-3545] - Adding an email address filter field to the rewards transfers grid
  • [ST-3546] - Added a date column inside Points & Rewards Tab against a customer account.
  • [ST-3557] - If customer is referred by someone the default filter at Admin should be "Assigned = Yes"
  • [ST-3558] - Affiliate email address to show on referrals grid
  • [ST-3559] - Admin > Customer Info > Rewards tab > Transfer grid ID filter by default should be DESC
  • [ST-3571] - Improve Security for Send Points functionality
  • [ST-3593] - Give newsletter points if customer subscribed before creating an account
  • [ST-3594] -  Admin Configuration to disable Pop-up window for points revocation when order is canceled inside admin order view page

Bug & Usability Fixes

  • [ST-3538] - Fix Checkout Spending Integration if Payment Not Available or Shipping Method not available
  • [ST-3553] - Newsletter Sign up Multiple Points Rewarded Subscribe / Unsubscribe
  • [ST-3564] - Points are not  cancelled  if order is  cancelled  via the order grid as a mass action
  • [ST-3577] - Points transfer history on customer account on front end showing incorrect date for transfers
  • [ST-3601] - Unsubscribe Link inside Point Summary Emails is not matching the customer store

Updating MageRewards

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