In product view the amount of points is printed many times when using the slider

Please have your designer use template path hints to locate the phtml file that renders the product page block containing the product price.

Once that files is located update the template so the class will render as regular-price.

The result should look something like this in the html view of the page. 
change: <span  class="price or somthing else" id="product-price-190">£97.00 with 630 Magic Points</span>
to: <span  class="regular-price" id="product-price-190">£97.00 with 630 Magic Points</span>

With Magent's default class = "regular-price" set the issue should now be solved.

Using a tool like firebug you can make a tempory tweak and confirm it fixes the issue.
Find attached screen shot for extra help (items selected in blue)

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