Can I refer a user to a different store on the same install?

Yes, depending on how your stores are configured. You'll need to check the following settings:

Your stores need to be listed under the same website.

Let's say for example, you want to let wholesale dealers refer people to your main store.

  1. In your Magento admin, navigate to to System > Manage Stores.
  2. You'll see three terms here. Website NameStore Name, and Store View Name
  3. Make sure that your Main Store and Wholesale Store are both assigned to Main Website. (This will obviously vary based on what you have named your website, store and store view.

Your customer accounts need to be shared globally.
  1. To share your customer accounts across all stores, you'll need to navigate to System Configuration.
  2. On the left Configuration menu, locate the Customers section and click on Customer Configuration.
  3. Expand the Account Sharing Options section.
  4. Set Share Customer Accounts to Global.

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