Cannot connect MageRewards Account from Magento Admin but can log in at Platform sites


Connecting MageRewards Account from Magento Admin throws error and cannot connect but logging in directly to platform account is working.

Error Message:

An error occurred while connecting to your MageRewards account: An undefined error has been returned from MageRewards servers Contact the MageRewards support team if the problem persists.

Steps to Troubleshoot:

  • Create a php script to check the php info.
  • Search for the open_basedir.
  • If open_basedir is not empty, please ask the client to disable open_basedir from php.ini.
  • Restart server after the modification is saved to take effect.
  • Run php info script and look for the open_basedir, this should be empty now.
  • Log in to Magento Admin and try to connect MageRewards Account

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