Products added to cart, but cant redeem points from catalog

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!
  1. If products are being added to the cart from the catalog product info page, and 
  2. the catalog product info page is showing that there are valid ways that the customer can redeem points.

The most likely scenario here is that catalog redemption points information is not being sent to the shopping cart. This is most likely because of something you or your team did to the catalog product view templates or Javascripts, or something done by a third party extension that we're not aware of. Either way, it's not something we can support on our end, but these instructions may help you resolve it on your end:

  • Turn on template path hints to see what template is actually being used in the catalog product view page.How to turn on template path hints.
  • Edit the template for your catalog product info page and make sure that redemption_uses and redemption_rule form elements are also being posted to the shopping cart
  • Try turning off other extensions (by editing the app/etc/modules/ XML files) and seeing if that helps.

You can also set logs in the Observer.php to be sure points information is being passed.

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