Error after sending referral message in the customer's My Referrals section

I fill out the form in My Account > My Referrals and I get the following error message:

<em>Invalid transactional email code: rewards_referral_subscription_email_template</em>

After that, in magento, the status appears as if the email was sent, but the referred customer email was never received.

Solution: This was a bug that was fixed in a later version of the MageRewards referral system. If you are running a later version of the MageRewards referral extension you may still see the error because the installer was unable to run the fix scripts. We however created a script that should go through and clear the old data. Do this:

  1. Navigate your browser to STORE_BASE_URL/rewardsref/repair/fixEmailTemplates
    • This might be STORE_BASE_URL/index.php/rewardsref/repair/fixEmailTemplates if you don't have apache rewrites enabled on your server.
  2. Clear cache on your store (specifically configuration cache).
  3. Try sending a referral message again.

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