MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: August 8, 2012


We've introduced a few new features to improve the MageRewards experience in 1.7.2:

  • Merchants can manually adjust points on an order when canceling the order. Learn more.
  • Merchants can manually adjust points on an order when creating a credit memo.Learn more.
  • The MageRewards Account Details area in Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration now indicates if your account is connected in Developer Mode.
Two other main things to note:
  • We have updated the template files for the My Points & Rewards area to reflect the default styling from the rest of your account area. This should automatically match your My Account area but you will want to double check in case you need to adjust.
  • The Retail Evolved Facebook Like extension is now bundled with MageRewards so you do not need to install it separately.
Also, in case you missed our announcement last week,  you can now install MageRewards via Magento Connect

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-950] - Merchant should be able to manually adjust points on an order when cancelling the order
  • [ST-964] - Merchant should be able to manually adjust points on an order when creating a credit memo
  • [ST-1209] - Many configuration Yes/No dropdown options could be improved
  • [ST-1310] - Reordering creates wrong subtotal with different currency
  • [ST-1329] - Order is cancelled (credit memo created) then the points are still in pending state
  • [ST-1533] - There should be an indicator if merchant is logged into Developer Mode
  • [ST-1541] - does not approve Pending Event points after invoice
  • [ST-1581] - Re-style My Points and Rewards page and Mini-Catalog
  • [ST-1586] - Can't Edit an Order in Admin when customer checkouts as a Guest
  • [ST-1597] - Registering an account on checkout page causes next order ID to be incremented with +2 (instead of +1)
  • [ST-1603] - WikiHints for "Predict points earned on birthday occasion" not redirect on exact page
  • [ST-1629] - Capitalization on Configuration Settings are very inconsistant
  • [ST-1633] - Developer section of Config page allows manually specifying API keys (highly discouraged)
  • [ST-1643] - Bundle Retail Evolved with MageRewards Connector package
  • [ST-1645] - Loosen the connector's expectations of the API response from Platform channel.create
  • [ST-1646] - Connector should update Mage/ST versions with the /channel resource upon connector update
  • [ST-1647] - Cancelled transfers are still added into the points sum on order view pages
  • [ST-1650] - Merchants still run into problems when Platform is down. Billboard shows up in admin.
  • [ST-1655] - Cannot connect ST account if password have special character
  • [ST-1659] - Connector cannot connect to platform

Updating MageRewards

If you're updating to MageRewards 1.7 or higher for the first time, you will need to connect your store to your MageRewards account. MageRewards will not function on your site without a connection to your MageRewards account.

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