Recommended Checklist

  • For guaranteed compatibility, use one of Magento's recommended hosting partners (narrow results to eCommerce Competency : Hosting), such as Nexcess or Rackspace or Hawk Host's VPS solutions
  • People have been reporting issues with Suhosin. It adds increased security that disables some of the functionality of MageRewards and may cause white screens or random exceptions. Please disable this non-obligatory php extension or follow Magento's compatible configuration for suhosin.
  • The 'Merge Javascript Files' Magento configuration option is a default setting in Magento. The issue is that if you have errors being reported by other scripts in your store, they may break the MageRewards java-script on some web browsers if the java-script files are merged. If you have any Java-script errors with other modules, please disable this option.
  • It is always recommended that you run the latest available stable version of Magento that is compatible with MageRewards, as there may be issues that Magento has not yet resolved in their outdated versions.

    For Magento Community 1.5.x, Enterprise 1.10 and lower

    Internet Explorer 9 Issue with Prototype JS - Prototype JavaScript Framework has some issues with IE9 and should be updated in all Magento 1.5.x or lower versions. This is fixed in Magento Community 1.6 because they updated to the latest version of Prototype, Prototype JS version 1.7.

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