Random Points added to Orders

We have come across a instance where a random number of Points are added to the Order when the Point rules specify a different amount. In some cases when you have all the point rules disabled each order might get a random amount of Points added  only after the order completes.

Its very important to note that this situation happens only after the order is save.

For an instance assume the below scenario :

1) You have 2 customers in your Magento store :

            Customer A :  001

            Customer B :  002

2)Assume that Customer A has placed 3 order where he obtains 1 Point on every  $1 that is spent ( or any applicable rule)

            Order 01 : $100 / Points 100

            Order 02 : $150 / Points 150

            Order 03 : $25 / Points 25

3)After a while the orders are deleted for some reason ( depending on the company) and the Points rules are deactivated although the modules is active.

4) Customer B places an order with order number 001 , once the order is completed the order will have Points 100 accumulated even without having active Point Rules.

The reason behind the above scenario is that Each point transfer (Rewards >> Customer Points >>  Point Transfers >> Manage Transfers) has a order associated with that. Although the orders are removed , the references exist and the Points are assigned to the new order since the records exist for the given order number.

---> MageRewards account with orders

---> Lets Take a Look at this order #55

 The Points rule implemented is 1 Point for 1 Dollar spent , but we can that 2 points rules have been applied from the same category. If we take a closer look at the two point transfers :

--> Order summary : Note the 51 Points , where as the Subtotal is approx $15

--> The above is the user "test test" who has orders which were deleted and you can see the Points record highlighted carries the same reference that was with the order #55.

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