Slider tries to update Totals section in the cart but fails

If your store has a custom design and you've recently updated MageRewards to a more recent version, you might find that attempting to use the Points Slider to spend points on the cart fails to re-load the Totals section. This is because the template for the Points Slider has changed but you have an older version of it inside your custom theme, or in your default fallback theme. Check if either of the following files exist in your custom theme (app/design/frontend/{your_package}/{your_theme}/) or in the default theme (app/design/frontend/default/default/):

  • layout/rewards.xml
  • template/rewards/checkout/minicart_js.phtml

If so, our recent changes are being ignored by your theme and causing problems. If you haven't actually modified either of those files, feel free to copy over the same files from app/design/frontend/base/default/, clear cache, and everything should work fine. If you have modified those files, you're going to need to make the same modifications on the new templates and copy them over.

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