MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: October 24, 2012


This release includes compatibility with SweetMonkey from ebizmarts as well as some performance and stability enhancements.

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-1149] - Compatibility with eBizmarts SweetMonkey
  • [ST-1622] - Removed unnecessary notifications about TBT_Rewardssocial.csv when installing MageRewards for the first time
  • [ST-1694] - Fixed broken design at Frontend My Points & Rewards - Magento EE only
  • [ST-1732] - Customer Behavior rules previously setup, will no longer revert to unselected option after updating ST
  • [ST-1734] - Account usage showing incorrectly on connector side compared to platform (cache issue)
  • [ST-1738] - Payment is processed to SagePay yet no order is generated since customer does not have enough points to spend
  • [ST-1747] - Negative Points Earned on certain combination of Shopping cart earning rule and magento shopping cart promotion rule based on qty
  • [ST-1760] - Implemented API call logging on Magento Connector to help with troubleshooting
  • [ST-1767] - CRON notification fails if Magento Cache is enabled
  • [ST-1770] - Connector should clear all notification messages when they no longer apply.
  • [ST-1781] - Creating an order with MageRewards takes a long time.
  • [ST-1784] - frontend\base\default\template\rewards\customer\transfers.phtml performance issues
  • [ST-1795] - MageRewards Usage Dashboard broken if Testsuite module disabled
  • [ST-1797] - My Points Summary Box Header Background Images Repeats on dashboard - Css
  • [ST-1810] - Sometimes conditions are lost for Earning rules when activating/deactivating a rule due to account being locked/unlocked

Updating MageRewards

If you're updating to MageRewards 1.7 or higher for the first time, you will need to connect your store to your MageRewards account. MageRewards will not function on your site without a connection to your MageRewards account.

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