Skin Architecture

Skins are considered image and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) changes. When you change the skin, you're changing the look of the system. To change the 'feel' of the system, modify the templates (see above).


The main CSS file for MageRewards skins is located at: skin/frontend/[Your Package]/[Your Theme]/css/rewards/

Generally the base version of MageRewards comes with a basic skin defined in skin.css within the aforementioned folder.


All images used for the MageRewards system are located in: skin/frontend/[Your Package]/[Your Theme]/images/rewards/

Back-end Skins

MageRewards does not use any back-end skins. Rather, MageRewards extends upon the existing stock Magento admin interface skin.

If you really want to change the skin of the Customer Rewards section in the Magento back-end interface, just follow the following steps:

  1. Modify the rewards.xml layout file for the back-end package (see above) and specify a new template for each of the blocks.
  2. Within each one of your templates, copy of Magento's template code that matches the block that was rewritten. For example, if it was a grid, fetch Magento's grid phtml code.
  3. Change the style class names for the templates
  4. Add a line into the rewards.xml back-end layout file to include your new CSS.
  5. In the aforementioned skins folder, add your new backend_skin.css and make the changes you need.

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