MageRewards is expensive, can I get a discount?

We understand that MageRewards is more expensive that some other extensions, but there are a few reasons for this. The first is because MageRewards provides one of the highest ROI for any extension available for Magento. The increase in customer retention and resulting sales is staggering for stores that implement MageRewards. The flexibility of MageRewards allows store owners to offer promotions and to tweak their points offers to achieve the highest returns with the lowest amount of liability.

MageRewards is always being improved, with new features being released every few weeks. This ensures that all MageRewards users always have the most customizable points and loyalty software not only on Magento, but also across all e-commerce platforms. It's not possible to set the price of MageRewards any lower while still ensuring that it is the most advanced loyalty extension available - and we're very proud of this! 

Also, MageRewards clients always have access to our support team. If you have questions at any point after you purchase MageRewards, then our team will be available to help. These type of resources just aren't available with cheaper extensions and if you run into a problem, you are often on your own when dealing with it. We are Magento experts and we developed MageRewards from the ground up, so if you have a question then we will have the answer!

Finally, without considering any of the above points, just imagine how nice it will be to have customers wanting to return to your store to make purchases just so that they can earn that free item, or to redeem that $10 off. This is a real desire in customers and it will show when you look at your monthly sales. MageRewards is an investment, and it always has a positive return.

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