Do I need to do anything to take advantage of MageRewards 1.7?

Note: This applies only to existing license holders who are running MageRewards on Magento.

If you have an existing MageRewards license, we have  automatically upgraded your account.

You should have received two emails:

  1. Subject: We've Upgraded Your Account
    • We sent an introductory message letting you know we've upgraded your account as a heartfelt "Thank You" to our loyal merchants.
    • This email was sent directly from Jay, our CEO.
  2. Subject: New MageRewards Account created for: [email address associated with license key]!
    • This email contains all of your new required account information.
If you are an existing license holder and have not received the second email, please notify our support team.
If you have received the second email, all you need to do is update your MageRewards version to 1.7 and connect your store to your new account!
Just follow these directions here:

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