MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: September 6, 2012


We've introduced a few new features to improve the MageRewards experience in 1.7.3 including:

  • You can now email your customers a monthly points balance statement. Learn More
  • Check your dashboard for a small MageRewards widget to inform you about your account usage as well as let you know if your cron is enabled and if you are in Developer Mode.
This release also includes some minor stability improvements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-632] - Email the customer a points balance statement periodically
  • [ST-1178] - Improve the way we inform clients about CRON not working
  • [ST-1181] - Rewarding points for customer sign up is not working when customer is created from the backend
  • [ST-1405] - Prices Including Tax are the same as prices Excluding Tax in Cart Product Row When ST is enabled on MCE
  • [ST-1411] - Incorrect calculation of cart row subtotal when Catalog Prices=Including Taxes in Magento
  • [ST-1524] - Points are in pending status if order shipped without invoice
  • [ST-1527] - There should be a monthly account usage indicator in the connector
  • [ST-1530] - Need a forgot password link or instructions in connector
  • [ST-1615] - Translating the word Points on the TBT_Rewards.csv file does not change the word on the slider
  • [ST-1667] - PayPal Checkout button hide when slider is used
  • [ST-1672] - An error occurred while saving this configuration: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'default-0-rewards/platform/apisubdomain' for key 'config_scope'
  • [ST-1674] - Call to undefined method TBT_Rewards_Model_Mysql4_Transfer_Collection::addExpressionFieldToSelect()
  • [ST-1677] - Take out Arial.ttf font
  • [ST-1683] - Points are not cancelled once order is cancelled from backend (Fatal error: func_get_args(): Can't be used as a function parameter)
  • [ST-1690] - Fatal Error Message shows after creating customer account - Magento
  • [ST-1691] - Fatal error: Call to a member function setQueryHook()
  • [ST-1704] - Platform account usernames are case sensative

Updating MageRewards

If you're updating to MageRewards 1.7 or higher for the first time, you will need to connect your store to your MageRewards account. MageRewards will not function on your site without a connection to your MageRewards account.

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