Activate Layout Actions

With almost every Magento extension, to be able to render client-side display components or scripts (JavaScript), they must be injected through a layout file unique to that extension which Magento recognizes and delivers to the client's machine. The display components include any text or graphic that is in one way or another related to MageRewards. The scripts usually include CSS stylesheets related to MageRewards as well as JavaScript code necessary for interactive components such as the points slider.

We've had some clients in the past who've asked to have MageRewards disabled only on particular websites and not their entire store. If MageRewards is disabled through the modules XML file, it will be entirely disabled. To be able to disable MageRewards for a particular website, you can disable the MageRewards module output from the Configurations screen under the Advanced tab. The problem with this is that it only disables the display components from rendering through the layout and not the scripts (actions). To address this, we've introduced the "Active Layout Actions" option in the Configuration page as well. When this option is set to be disabled, all MageRewards JavaScripts and CSS Stylesheet injections through the layout file are ignored, effectively disabling MageRewards for the scope specified.

Having all of this in mind, if you expect MageRewards components to work properly on your website, you should be enabling the "Active Layout Actions" as well as the MageRewards module output option. If you're having problems with JavaScript, make sure JavaScript merging is off inside the Developer tab on the Configuration screen.

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