Rewards appears unformatted on the main Magento menu

Note: This issue was resolved in Please update MageRewards to fix this issue.

If you're using Magento CE 1.7, you may be seeing this unformatted item on your menu:

It should actually display like this:

This is due to a rewrite of the menu system in Magento CE 1.7 and effects all versions of MageRewards prior to 1.7.1.

To fix the display of Rewards in your menu, please open  app/code/community/TBT/Rewards/etc/config.xml and change line 71 from:




You will not see the candy icon as shown above, but your formatting issue will be resolved.

Be very cautious not to change anything else in this file as it will effect the extension.

We are working to resolve this in MageRewards 1.7.1.

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