MageRewards 1.9.1 is now available!

Release Date: March 8, 2017

In v1.9.1 of MageRewards, we're making a number of performance improvements available, specifically with observers and indexers. There are also a number of new features available, including ability to create loyalty explainer pages when launching a new rewards program.

Don't Forget!
Always put your store into Maintenance Mode before upgrading!

A detailed list of changes follow:

New Features & Improvements

  • [ST-3484] - Allow for creation of initial loyalty explainer page after QuickLaunch
  • [ST-297] - Easier way for developers to access individual shopping cart discount amounts produced from rewards
  • [ST-3456] - Allow admin to disable catalog rules inside admin order creation

Maintenance & Refactoring

  • [ST-3449] - Performance improvement of event observers
  • [ST-3425] - Refactor Customer Points Indexer manual update case & Points Expiry
  • [ST-3454] - Addressing potential deadlocks scenarios when placing orders, during high traffic

Bug & Usability Fixes

  • [ST-3396] - Prevent expiry of pending points
  • [ST-3464] - Referral link broken if Base Url is Secured
  • [ST-3453] - Points earned in catalog is based on the Selected Currency and not on the Base Currency
  • [ST-3364] - Improve display message after earned points from Review
  • [ST-3450] - Edge case with customers having a negative Points balance
  • [ST-3345] - Earning points is not calculated on base currency but on currency selected at Admin Order
  • [ST-3465] - Customer Points balance didn't update after approving order points manually

Updating MageRewards

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