MageRewards is now available!

Release Date: June 10, 2014

The MageRewards team is excited to announce that MageRewards for Magento is now available!

This is mainly a compatibility release which adds support for the new responsive theme in MCE 1.14 & MEE 1.9. Besides that it includes some fixes, improvements and last, but not least, a new feature that was requested by many merchants: admin spending of points on customers behalf. 

Release Notes - ST Rewards Connector - Version


  • [ST-2522] - Status of the Referred Customer is still Signed Up when a Referred Customer registers at Checkout
  • [ST-2566] - Support for new default responsive theme (rwd) in MCE 1.9 & MEE 1.14
  • [ST-2569] - Affiliates still earns points for the 2nd order placed by his Referral even the Rule setup is Referral makes first Order if customer choose to create an account at checkout the first time he place an order
  • [ST-2571] - Pinterest social button JavaScript error produced on product pages

Feature Request

  • [ST-392] - Allow back-end admin orders to redeem points for customer


  • [ST-2546] - Display Affiliate points balance on Referral Notification Email
  • [ST-2552] - Display customer points balance on Milestone Email
  • [ST-2590] - Fix earning notification message position for customer registration

Updating MageRewards

If you're updating to MageRewards 1.7 or higher for the first time, you will need to connect your store to your MageRewards account. MageRewards will not function on your site without a connection to your MageRewards account.

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