I'm experiencing random behaviors around the site. Sometime I get messages like Fatal error: Class 'TBT_Rewards_*' not found.

These can be caused for a few reasons. Usually the best way to track down problems like this is to run Test Suite, our built-in diagnostic tool. You can find Test Suite in the Admin Panel, under Configurations > MageRewards Rewards > Diagnostics & Support Tools.

Test Suite results can show a variety of of causes for unexpected behaviors. Some of the key things to look for in this case are:

Unsupported PHP versions: Magento supports a standard build of PHP server version 5.2.13 or older. If you're running a custom build for your PHP server, you will likely notice random behaviors around the site as a result of some functions not working. We advise you to contact your hosting company to address this.

  • Magento Compilation: We've noticed on some sites having the Magento Compilation option enabled causes problems around the site. You should check to see if disabling the compiler has any affect on problems you're experiencing. You can access the compilation settings from System > Tools > Compilation in the admin-panel.

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