Adding a Learn More link after Earning Block in Product Info Page

Mostly customers is not aware how your Rewards Program works, how they can earn points and how they can spend them.Putting a  Learn More link in the rewards section in your Product Info Page will help your customer find the easy way to direct to your Rewards CMS page that will explains about your Reward Program.

To do this, please follow below steps:

  1. Add a CMS page to your Magento about your rewards program in CMS>>Page and enable it. This can be as simple or complex as you like.
  2. Copy Rewards.csv located in app\locale\en_US\Rewards.csv and paste it to your locale language folder i.e. app\locale\[your_language]\Rewards.csv
  3. Open Rewards.csv located in your language folder.
  4. Find this text: "You will earn %s for buying this product" It is somewhere at line 221.
  5. Change the second instance of the English translation to this: "You will earn %s for buying this product. <a 'href='/your_static_cms_page_url/'>Learn More</a>"

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