How to apply a patch?

This guide is for applying a Patch to your MageRewards installation. A patch may be obtained from an authorized MageRewards representative.

For this guide you will require:

  1. An FTP connection to your store's home directory
  2. The patch source file (zip or tar)

FTP Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip or untar the files into a local directory.
  2. Move all files into their respective directories as they appear after unzipping/untaring the package.
  3. Clear your store cache and log your admin accounts all out, then log back in. This refreshes Magento ACL date (administrative permissions)

Manual Installation Considerations

Generally, patches are not supported by the original license and distributed under the OSL 3.0 license (for all the patch files only). However, the fixes that may be distributed with a patch are usually part of bug fixes that are released shortly in a MageRewards update which is supported.

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