Catalog Points Usage Optimizer

This article is outdated starting from  MageRewards v1.12.0!

The  Point Optimizer intelligently tells the customer the lowest possible price for the product using the amount of points they have. It also tells the customer how many points that can be earned upon purchasing the product. The Point Optimizer only takes catalog level rules into account, and is shown in the category view.

If it is possible to get the product for free using the customer’s current points balance, or if the customer is not logged in, then it will show “Free with XXX points”. If the customer is logged in and does not have enough points to pay for the product completely, or if the product price cannot be fully discounted with the usage of points, then it will say “As low as $$ with XX points”.

The points optimizer requires that you follow the  Integration Guide for the Catalog/Product pages. If followed correctly the points optimized string will be displayed when the customer is looking through the catalog; both in grid mode and list mode.

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