Set up a Rule for Reviewing a Product

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to set-up a rule for rewarding customers for Reviewing products on your website.

The points earning rule for Reviewing products is configured in the Magento Admin Panel under:  Rewards > Reward Rules > Earning Rules > Customer Behavior

1. From the  Customer Behavior Points rule page, click on the Add New Customer Behavior Rule button
2. From the  Rule Information tab, under the General information section:

  1. Type a rule name in the Rule Name field
  2. Select "Active" from the Status drop-down box
  3. Select the appropriate website from the Website field list

3. From the  Triggers and Conditions Tab:

  1. Under the Triggers section, select Customer Action or Event - Writes a review
  2. Under the Conditions section, select the Group(s) the rule applies to from the Group Is field list

4. From the  Actions tab, in the Fixed Amount Field, type in the number of points you want to reward to your customers

5. Save the Rule

6. Navigate to  Rewards > Configuration > Other Configuration > Initial Transfer Statuses  and select the status according to your requirements

On the front end, you should see the following:

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