MageRewards 1.7 is now available!

Release Date: May 28, 2012

MageRewards 1.7 is now available for download!

We've been working on some pretty big, exciting changes to help improve your experience with MageRewards! Two things you will not want to miss:

MageRewards Account

As of MageRewards, MageRewards has transitioned from a license key system to individual MageRewards accounts. Your MageRewards account is your own personal platform for managing your billing and account information with MageRewards. It also allows you to monitor your current transaction usage, view detailed analytics reports and stay up to date with all the latest MageRewards news and updates.

Please read our  MageRewards Account User Manual to learn more about this change and how to connect your store to your MageRewards account. Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-963] - MageRewards not updating shipping information on shopping cart Ajax calls
  • [ST-1163] - Including Tax shows same as Excluding Tax at Cart Product Row When ST is enable.
  • [ST-1176] - Installing MageRewards generates multiple installation notification messages
  • [ST-1224] - Hide "My Points and Rewards" link when MageRewards output modules are disabled.
  • [ST-1229] - Issues with slider on the cart page when "Apply Customer Tax" - "After Discount" is selected in Tax Settings
  • [ST-1236] - Incorrect calculation of cart row subtotal when Catalog Prices=Including Taxes
  • [ST-1243] - Free Shipping not working when Shopping Cart spending checkbox is used.
  • [ST-1246] - Checkout screws up when not logged in users spend points in Mage 1.4.x
  • [ST-1247] - Although cart spending rule is not used, some data is saved in order sales flat tables (order+order_item)
  • [ST-1359] - Error message is displayed when clicked on Invoice button in Order page
  • [ST-1365] - Customers register during checkout are able to place orders with item discounts (Catalog Redemption).
  • [ST-1368] - Menu is showing span tag rather than Icon next to Rewards in 1.7 and EE 1.12
  • [ST-1423] - Sign merchants in on account.magerewards automatically on upgrade to
  • [ST-1430] - Create Developer Mode option in Admin Config page so merchants can test against a staging server
  • [ST-1450] - Fatal error: Access level to TBT_Rewards_Helper_Loyalty_Checker::isValidOverServer()

Magento CE 1.7 + EE 1.12 Compatibility

As of MageRewards, MageRewards is now compatible with Magento CE 1.7 and EE 1.12! Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-1371] - Points slider is not displayed for catalog spending rules in Magento
  • [ST-1414] - Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/magento/app/code/community/TBT/Rewards/Model/Redeem.php on line 171
  • [ST-1525] - Can't Create nor Edit a Shopping Cart rules (both earning and spending). it gives a Fatal Error
  • [ST-1529] - Product Price changed to $0 when Catalog spending rule is used. Bug Fixes/Changes

  • [ST-1552] - Update from old connector to ST 1.7.x will not transition to Platform account unless "reinstall-database" is ran
  • [ST-1553] - Registration Information section still shows up in Config page for updated merchants

Updating MageRewards

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