Approving points on invoice for PayPal

For automatic approval of points to work, the order needs to be invoiced and captured.  If you're using paypal you need to set your purchase action as "Sale" instead of "Authorize".  This will automatically capture the funds.  Also, make sure your paypal checkout is creating invoices. 

If invoices are not created you have some options.  Either

  1. Approve points associated with an order (from the Order's Points & Rewards tab) after every order
  2. Set the "Automatically Approve Points On Shipment" option in the MageRewards configuration to "Yes".
  3. Set the default points transfer status in for "on new order" in the MageRewards configuration to "Approved".  This is however a little bit unsafe because points will still be usable even though the customer's payment may not have been approved. If invoices are never created on your store, this may not be an issue in the first place.  
  4. Fix your store so that it is creating PAID invoices after every order.  Generally this is a common procedure for on-line commerce and a little bit different than the way orders are handled off-line.

Starting Version, you can select Automatically Approve Points on Order Invoice / Shipment / Order Complete Final State.

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