I get javascript errors in the front-end (like RedemptionSlider not found or rSlider not defined)

99% of the time when users see this message it’s actually because the javascript files are not being included. This could be either because your layout.xml file is in the wrong directory, or because of some sort of caching issue. It's also possible that you have the modules starting with "TBT_"set to "No" under the System > Advanced section. This option must be enabled for MageRewards JavaScript and CSS files to be loaded on relevant pages.

To diagnose the issue and resolve the problem, first view source on the webpage using your browser. When you view source look for the RedemptionSlider.js inclusion tag and click on the .js link for your store. If you get a 404, make sure that the file it's pointing to exists. If you can't fine the REdemptionSlider.js file being included, it probably means that your layout rewards.xml file is in the wrong theme and it was removed from the default/default theme (even in the installation guide we recommend against doing this).

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