MageRewards 1.8.12 is now available!

Release Date: December 14, 2016

This is a minor release of MageRewards for Magento. Several bug fixes were addressed in this version.
Specific changes are listed below:

Bugs Fixes

  • [ST-3426] - Cannot filter Admin -> Order View -> Points & Rewards grid
  • [ST-3411] - Test Suite not working on PHP 5.4 or earlier
  • [ST-3408] - Customer cannot proceed to checkout if points expired while there is a session active with spending (Shopping Cart Rule)
  • [ST-3406] - Discount code calculations are not properly taking tax based on Subtotal
  • [ST-3389] - Module conflicts are not detected by testsuite
  • [ST-3377] - Points Spent in Cart page is not reset when applying a Magento Promo Rule with Stop Further Rule Processing: YES and Rule Priority setup
  • [ST-3373] - Points Expiry runs after 2 days (rare case)
  • [ST-3372] - Persistent Cart Enabled: Slider remains visible if customer account not logged in
  • [ST-3358] - Error occurred when exporting Sales/Order to CSV file
  • [ST-3341] - No points received when sharing a product on facebook on some stores

Updating MageRewards

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