Renaming Points in a Different Store View

If you haven't started any translation in your store, please reference our Translation Guide before beginning the following.

Lets say you have two store views in your website: English and French. I'm expecting that for English store you have already translated "Points" to "Decats".

For France store:

1. Go to Admin Panel > System > Configuration.

2. Change "Current Configuration Scope:" to French.

3. Go to General > General > Locale Options > Locale > Select French (France).

Note: For step 1- 3 refer to attached image named locale_change.png

4. Create folder name "fr_FR" at app/locale. For reference regarding Locale please visit the link below.

5. Copy TBT_Rewards.csv to "fr_FR" folder.

6. Edit TBT_Rewards.csv and change Point,Point to Point,Fance and Points,Points to Points,Frances. Refer to attached image translation.png

For your guidance about translation please see our Knowledge Base article that I've linked below.

Translation Guide:


7. Save the CSV file.

8. Flush all your Magento Cache.

Now at the Frontend select the France store view and you'll notice that Points string change to Frances.

You can do the above steps with your other storeview to change "Point" and "Points".

If you have done inline translations to your store, make sure that you delete all inline translations from the core_translate table in your database.  Please see the guide here.

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