Rewards Social 2.0 Migration

Everything you need to know about migrating to the new Rewards Social 2.0 system with MageRewards for Magento can be found in this help article.

We have kept this simple and straightforward as we know our merchants want to migrate smoothly to our new platform for social interactions.

Migrating - the Old Vs the New

Here is a few things to keep in mind with the new Rewards Social 2.0 system vs the old functionality, and how this will affect merchant sites and their development partners.

  • New installation packages of MageRewards for Magento will not be bundled with any old code or functions that belonged to our previous version of social rewarding.
  • Anyone installing MageRewards v1.8.7.0 and later for the first time, can disregard migration entirely as this will not affect their store.
  • Merchants who are already using MageRewards are able to upgrade to the new version of Rewards Social 2.0.
    • For anyone upgrading to MageRewards v1.8.7.0 or later, a store administrator must explicitly follow the migration process.
  • In case there has been any extra customizations applied to the old Rewards Social module, the old module will remain active when MageRewards is upgraded.
    • The Merchant will be notified in the admin-panel that the new version is available and they can upgrade when ready.

When you click the ‘Fix Now’ link you will be shown a page that explains the migration.

Migration Process

Step 1 - Start

To get the new version of Rewards Social 2.0 all you have to do is click the ‘Start Migration’ button and the process will begin.

Step 2 - Processing

Step 3 - Confirmation Processed

Step 4 - Completed

For developers, here is what the migration to the new Rewards Social 2.0 does.

  • All historical social customer activity data from the old Rewards Social functionality will be transferred to a new database table in Magento.
  • The old Rewards Social functions including the Retail Evolved module will be disabled (please ensure file permissions allow this to happen).
    • If your file permissions block the old module from being disabled, easy to follow instructions will be given after the Migration is processed.
  • The migration process will be paused if you leave the page, so we recommend keeping a browser tab open for this until the process ends.

Learn More about MageRewards Social Configurations here.

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