TinyBrick Buy X PromoBot

Extension Name

Buy X PromoBot



Issue Status

Resolved; Compatible with MageRewards 1.4.2+


The TinyBrick Promotion extension conflicts it's Mage_SalesRule_Model_Validator model rewrite with the MageRewards Validator model rewriting functionality. Normally this would be okay and easy to resolve, however it does some inbedded coded functionality that directly conflicts with MageRewards's shopping cart redemption/distribution rule system.

If you are not using Shopping Cart rules then you don't need to worry about this, but keep it in mind.


In MageRewards 1.4.2 we removed the Shopping Cart Validator class rewrite. That means that the conflict is evaded, so no extra work is needed and MageRewards is 100% compatible with this extension

If you are running a version of MageRewards that is earlier than MageRewards 1.4.2 however, you should disable the TinyBrick extension or avoid using any Shopping Cart rules.

Please keep in mind that implementing any modifications to your MageRewards core code does void your support agreement because you're adding dependency to the other module.

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