Amasty Custom StockStatus

Extension Name

Amasty Custom StockStatus




Magento ver
Amasty_Stockstatus 3.3.0
ST -

Issue Status

Resolved with modifications.


Custom Stock Status - Items Block Renderer in Shopping cart page gets doubled.


To solve, follow these instructions:

1. Copy app/code/community/TBT/Rewards/Block/Checkout/Cart/Item/Renderer.php to app/code/local/TBT/Rewards/Block/Checkout/Cart/Item/Renderer.php so that you are not modifying core extension files.

2. Replace  Mage_Checkout_Block_Cart_Item_Renderer withAmasty_Stockstatus_Block_Rewrite_Checkout_Cart_Item_Renderer on line 34. 

3. Open app/etc/modules/TBT_Rewards.xml and locate the following in lines 7-13:


4. Add the following dependency to the node (see  Resolving extension conflicts):


5. Upload new and modified files to your server.

6. Clear your cache.

Please keep in mind that implementing any modifications to your MageRewards core code does void your support agreement because you're adding dependency to the other module.

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