Buy 9 Get One Free Campaign

This campaign mimics traditional punch card campaigns - the most widely used loyalty program in the world. For this campaign, we will assume that there is only one (product, type of product, category, brand, etc) that the customer can buy 9 of to get 1 free.

Earning Rules

See:  Setting Up a Catalog Earning RuleSetting Up a Shopping Cart Earning Rule

  • Set a condition (SKU, Brand, Category, etc) on the product(s) you’re looking to do the B9G1F promotion and a fixed point distribution of 1 point.

Spending Rules

See:  Setting Up a Catalog Spending RuleSetting Up a Shopping Cart Spending Rule

  • Set the same condition as the purchase reward condition, & customer spend 9 points to to bring the price to a fixed amount of $0
Since points are all the same currency, we should only do a “buy 9 get one free” on one category, sku, brand, etc.

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