Social Sharing of Product Pages

The customer can socially share any CMS pages on your website and earn rewards for this action. Social sharing includes Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Refer a Friend.

Facebook Share and Like

The below two screenshot shows you the social sharing in action for Facebook. This ‘likes’ and shares the URL of the product page to the customers Facebook account.

Twitter Share

The below screenshot shows you the social sharing using Twitter. This shares the product URL with a customizable message.

Google Plus Share

Sharing by Google + is easy and helps the SEO of your shop.

Pinterest Share

Pinterest sharing is great for sharing with a visual audience.

Refer a Friend Share

Your customers can Refer a Friend easily via social media - Facebook and Twitter using the below pop-up share functionality.

When your customer shares more times than you have set per day in the admin, then they will not receive rewards but are still able to share the product link.

If a customer likes a page and then unlikes it if they have received a reward this is not undone.

The social media icons that are currently used are the default for the current version of MageRewards. These can be customized by your developer, your developer would need to review the design and developers guides for MageRewards to understand how to customize these.

MageRewards Design and Development Guides:

  • Design Guide
  • Developers Guide

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