Mass points transfers

Often times MageRewards admins create a rule to give new customers points for registering (lets say 1000 points).  This is fine for new stores just opening and going live.  However if you already have a store up and running it's also nice to give your current loyal customers a reward.

This is where a mass points transfer is helpfull.  Lets say you have 7000 customers.  Doing this task would take forever going through each customer.

Instead try this:

Admin > Rewards > Customer's Points (Note: Don't go under Manage Transfers.)

Action: Give Points
Quantity: 1000

Select: the customers or use the 'Select All' link on the left side of the page for all.

Click: Submit

After sending the points to your customers you might also want to send them an email or newsletter to inform them of the promotion.

This task can be done using Magento's built in newsletter tool.  

Here are some general instructions on Magento's Newsletter tool:

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