Database Architecture

Points Balance & Transfers

MageRewards dynamically calculates points based on summation of all transfers.

In more recent version of MageRewards, we've added an Index table which keeps a record of each customer's final balance for efficiency purposes. Magento's indexing process keeps this table up to date automatically. When retrieving balances, if the indexer is available and healthy, balances are pulled from this table. When updating a balance, a transfer record is stored in the database and a summation of points is recalculated for the customer and stored in the indexer.

Interacting with the MageRewards Database

Generally, direct interaction with the database is highly discouraged and we recommend that you use our SOAP based API to modify points balances outside of Magento. If you're modifying balances from within Magento code, you can simply use our internal Magento model functions to do this. We also provide batch points import functionally through CSV files directly from the admen-panel.

If you have any specific requirements which you can't fulfill with the options above, get in touch with our support team so we come up with a solution to fit your specific need.

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