MageRewards 1.9.0 is now available!

Release Date: January 11, 2017

In v1.9.0 of MageRewards we've made a number of big improvements:
There's been a complete overhaul of the referral functionality to allow for scalability of the system and allow for neat features such as referring friends to a particular product page as well as shortening the referral links even further. We've also rebuilt the Points Transfer system, to allow for scalability and much faster operations.

Note that the nature of the changes in this version, pose a significant challenge in downgrading to an earlier version. Also, if customizations have been implemented on top of MageRewards, the upgrade to v1.9.0 must be done with caution. Be sure to read our article about  Points Transfers in MageRewards v1.9.

Lastly, don't forget to put your store into Maintenance Mode, before upgrading!

A detailed list of changes follow:

New Features & Improvements

  • [ST-2845] - Add referral link to product pages and allow redirect to go to same product page
  • [ST-3309] - Implement unique unpredictable referral short codes
  • [ST-657] - Allow affiliate or admin to resend referral email invitation
  • [ST-1928] - Ability to associate a referral customer with an affiliate in admin panel
  • [ST-3434] - Improve Points Summary Cron Job
  • [ST-3417] - Detect database structure issues and module conflicts during installation
  • [ST-3258] - Clean up referral config options
  • [ST-3430] - Improve the "re-install database" script page
  • [ST-3401] - Switch to 3 digit version numbers for all sub-modules

Maintenance & Refactoring

Third Party Module Compatibility

  • [ST-3193] - Referred Customer is not linked to its Affiliates if Customer choose to register at Checkout in IWD_OnePageCheckout

Bug & Usability Fixes

  • [ST-3325] - PHP Fatal Error thrown during points expiry if customer has no associated transfers
  • [ST-3376] - Show usage notifications based on billing type (member or transaction based)
  • [ST-3390] - Setting not working : "Allow earning of catalog points while spending points in the shopping cart" = Don't Allow
  • [ST-1208] - Referral email changes should not affect referrer link
  • [ST-2662] - Customer Points in Pending Approval at Account displayed incorrectly
  • [ST-3410] - Resources are not deleted for some entries when Reinstall Database is clicked
  • [ST-3300] - Don't allow administrators to revoke transfers several times

Updating MageRewards

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