Cron jobs used for MageRewards

The following list contains all current cronjobs that are used by MageRewards in order to function properly: 

In TBT_Rewards Module

  1. rewards_checkpointsexpiry
    • Runs everyday at midnight (12 AM).
    • Checks whether any user has points that expire today and expires them.
  2. rewards_checkpointsprobation
    • Runs everyday at midnight (12 AM).
    • Checks if there are any points in ON HOLD status and approves them if it is the case.
  3. rewards_checkcustomerbirthdays
    • Runs every day at noon (12 PM).
    • Awards points to customers on their birthday occasion, if such a rule is defined in the store.
  4. rewards_cfu
    • Runs every day at 8 AM.
    • Checks for MageRewards updates.
  5. rewards_customer_points_summary
    • Runs every 1st day of the month.
    • Sends out a points summary email to the customers if they have this option enabled in Customer Dashboard > My Points and Rewards > NOTIFICATION PREFERENCES section.
  6. tbtmilestone_dailyCron
    • Runs every day at midnight (12 AM)
    • Checks for inactivity and membership milestones and will award points for these Milestones if they are defined in the store.
  7. rewards_importer
    • Runs every minute (or as frequently as the Magento cron system is set to run)
    • This background process is responsible for importing data such as list of referrals and points balances into MageRewards. If there are no pending imports, this task does absolutely nothing therefore the majority of time, this cron job has minimal to no performance overhead.

In TBT_Testsweet Module

  1. testsuite_cron
    • Runs every 5 minutes.
    • Ensures that cron is running and healthy on the server. If cron is not running admin user will be notified on MageRewards's usage dashboard or by running our built-in diagnostics controller. For more info please check: /article/1533-setting-up-cron-jobs-in-magento

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