Modern Theme Tips

Shopping Cart

(for MageRewards 1.3 and up) 
To make the shopping cart points slider display properly with themes that are based off of the modern theme, follow these instructions

  • In skin/frontend/default/<your_modern_theme>/css/rewards/checkout/minicart.css add the following to the end of the file:
  1. .rewards-box-spend-minicart .cartSlider_caption-modern {
        width: 280px;
    .rewards-box-spend-minicart .box-content {
        margin-left: 240px;
  • In app/design/frontend/default/<your_modern_theme>/template/rewards/checkout/cartmini.phtml add " rewards-box-spend-minicart" after "discount-codes box" ~line 6.
  • In app/design/frontend/default/<your_modern_theme>/template/rewards/checkout/cart/slider.phtml add " cartSlider_caption-modern" after>> "cartSlider_caption" ~line 44.

If done correctly and cache is cleared, your cart collators grid should look something like this:

Shopping Cart Columns

A lot of Modern-based themes have the columns in the shopping cart changed from the default Magento theme. You are then required to follow this guide:  Customizing the Shopping Cart Points Column

My Points and Rewards

By default it might be a mess like this:

Follow these instructions to make it look more like this:

  1. Update to MageRewards and make sure to update your template files as well.
  2. in skin/frontend/default/<your_modern_theme>/css/rewards/skin.css add the following to the end of the file:
  3. .mypoints-redeemcatalog {
    	width: 49%;
    .mypoints-sendfriend {
    	width: 49%;

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