Customer Catalog Features

Catalog View Page

  • While browsing through the catalog, customers can view how each of of the reward rules will effect each product
  • Our Point Optimizer intelligentily figures out the lowest possible price for each product using available rules and how many points the customer has to spend, which is then displayed for the customer under each product
  • How many points the customer will earn if they purchase the product is also displayed underneath each product

Product View Page

  • How many points that will be earned by the customer will be displayed
  • You can load a custom images to graphically represent the number of points they will earn
  • There is a drop down menu for the customer to select which redemption rule they would like to apply to this product
  • Upon choosing a rule, a secondary drop-down appears that lets them select the number of times to apply this rule
  • Whenever a customer chooses redemption rules MageRewards will dynamically updated the product's price

  • Allow customers to choose how many points to spend towards a product with the points slider. The price dynamically updates as they slide and change the number of points they use. 

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