My Referrals Customer Account Page

Your customer can manage and view all their ‘referrals’ made through your rewards program under their account in the section labelled ‘My Referrals’.

Customer can also enter the referrer email address or referral code when they sign up.

Your customer has their own unique referral ‘URL’ (as well as their referral code and email) which they can give to anyone they wish to refer to your website. This allows MageRewards to track that referral.

The referral must sign up for an account to complete the referral process, they can either enter the referrer’s code or email address on the account signup form or visit the website using the referrer’s unique URL which will auto complete that field with the referral code.

The customer can also share their referral code which works the same way except when their referral signs up at the registration page. On the registration page they input their referral code to allow MageRewards to track the referral’s action and reward the referee.

Your customer can share their referral URL using either Facebook Share or Twitter.

Customers can also invite their friends using the Invitation section to send invitation emails to their friends. This area includes simple instructions and an optional personal message to encourage the recipients to sign up.

Under the invitation section the customer also has some basic Referral Preferences. Here, customers can opt in to receive an email when their referrals earn them points.

At the bottom of the ‘My Referrals’ section is the actual referrals that your customer has made. This lists down each referral’s name and email that has joined and how many points you have earned for that referral.

This article has covered all functionality associated with the ‘My Referrals’ area in the customer’s account. Once you have plenty of customers signed up just imagine how many referrals they can generate!

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