Customer Shopping Cart Features

Shopping Cart & Checkout Summary

If a customer tries to spend more points they they have, MageRewards will display numerous warnings against this

While going through checkout MageRewards will display the aggregate point spendings and earnings.

Item Grid

  • On each item in the cart a new column is added. This column covers the points being earned, and the points being used.
  • The checkout grid shows the modified price after points have been redeemed

Rewards Box

  • This box tracks the shopping cart rules being used on the cart, both distribution and redemption
  • The customer can toggle redemption rules to be applied to their cart on and off
  • The cart will be updated on the fly when the customer toggles these rules

Checkout Box

  • The checkout box has been updated with the aggregate information on the entire cart
  • Sums up the total points earned on both catalog and shopping cart distributions
  • Sums up the total points spent on both catalog and shopping cart redemptions
  • If redemption rules has modified the price of the cart or items within the cart, it will show the before and after price here

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