Webtex Gift Registry (Webtex Giftcards)

Extension Name

Webtex Gift Registry (Code: Webtex_Giftcards)



Problem #1

Magento Backend When specific order is selected, the left sidebar extends to far and totally prevents the rest of the page from displaying


1. Open app/etc/modules/TBT_Rewards.xml and locate the following in lines 7-13:

<!-- HTML generated using hilite.me -->


2. Add the following dependency to the node (see  Resolving extension conflicts):

<!-- HTML generated using hilite.me -->


3. Copy app/code/ community/TBT/Rewards/Model/Sales/Order.php to app/code/local/TBT/Rewards/Model/Sales/Order.php so that you are not modifying core extension files.

4. Open app/code/ local/TBT/Rewards/Model/Sales/Order.php, change line 50:

<!-- HTML generated using hilite.me -->

class TBT_Rewards_Model_Sales_Order extends Mage_Sales_Model_Order


<!-- HTML generated using hilite.me -->

class TBT_Rewards_Model_Sales_Order extends Webtex_Giftcards_Model_Order

5. Upload new and modified files to your server.

6. Clear your cache.

Problem #2

Points earned becomes negative when using a Webtex_giftcard to gain discount


Please contact Webtex directly for the solution in this problem.

Please keep in mind that implementing any modifications to your MageRewards core code does void your support agreement because you're adding dependency to the other module.

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