How do I change the Sender email address for MageRewards Emails?

At the moment, MageRewards uses your store's customer support email address as the sender for all emails related to MageRewards.  Here's how to change the sender email address

Currently MageRewards uses ident_support for sending Point Summary and Referral points emails.

To use Magento store General email.

For your Point Summary email

  1. copy app\code\community\TBT\Rewards\Helper\Expiry.php to app\code\local\TBT\Rewards\Helper
  2. Edit Expiry.php and change ident_support to ident_general

For your Referral email

  1. copy app\code\community\TBT\RewardsReferral\Model\Referral.php to app\code\local\TBT\RewardsReferral\Model
  2. Edit Referral.php and change ident_support to ident_general


Aside from the ident_general and ident_support, the following default Magento email sender addresses can be used as well 


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